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Weather Photo Gallery

My Favourite Photo Sunset
My own Weather station of Davis Weather Monitor II Heavy shower from a Cumulonimbus
Summer Thunderstorms on 13th of January 1998 Cumulonimbus on Mt. Lofty ranges on 2nd of January 2001
Winter Thunderstorms on 6th of June 1998 Cumulonimbus over the Mt. Lofty ranges on 10th of January 2001
Sunset of Cumulonimbus Showers and thunderstorms on 24th of January 2001
Cloudburst from a thunderstorm Thunderstorms over the ranges and greater Adelaide Metropolitan on 25th of January 2001
Christmas Day Thunderstorms in 1999 2 more images added and date correction: A Cumulonimbus over the Mt. Lofty ranges on 7th of February 2001
Cumulonimbus Shelf clouds and hailshaft with rainbow on 27th of May 2001
Autumn Thunderstorms on 9th of April 2000 Severe thunderstorms with squall line brought strong wind and hail on 7th of September 2001
Sunrise Sunset on 23rd of June 2001
Sunset on 4th of October 2001 Sunset on 8th of October 2001
Lightning activity during the early morning on Sunday, 2nd December 2001 A thunderstorm and Cumulus/Cumulonimbus on the ranges on 19th of February 2002

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