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Station Name Current Observations Extremes
Date Time
(deg C)
Dew Point
(deg C)
Rel Hum
Wind Dir Wind Speed Wind Gust Press
Rain since 12am
Max Temp
Min Temp
Max Wind Gust
(km/h) (knots) (km/h) (knots)   (km/h) (knots)
Golden Grove 10/31/0211:00p 11.6 6.9 73 E 11.3 NA NA NA 1020.1 0.0 24.4
NA 22.6

NOTE: This current observation update every 10 minutes. Please notes NA prefix on it means its not available. Wind speed is the average of mean wind speed in 10 minutes. This is an unofficial Automatic Weather Station and wind speed measures from the standard height of 10m, temperature/humidity measures in the radiation shield at 5.5 ft while top of 6" rain gauge is at 6 ft above the ground due to obstruction backyard problem.

In the Extremes section of the table, values and times of occurrence are given. Minimum and Maximum temperature are from 12am to 12am and while maximum wind gust are from 12am to 12am.